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View the latest infectious disease videos from New Jersey’s largest network of board-certified infectious disease physicians. ID Care physicians offer videos around the most effective prevention methods, accurate diagnoses, and state-of-the-art treatments.
ID Care Interview on the Importance of Seeking Travel Medicine Care

ROI NJ interviews ID Care Doctors McManus and Allegra on the importance of seeking travel medicine care before traveling abroad.

Traveling Internationally? You Should See a Travel Medicine Specialist

Dr. Allegra & Dr. McManus explain why.

Why Should You See An Infectious Disease Doctor for Travel Medicine?

Dr. Ubhi of ID Care Explains Signs of an Infection

Dr. Ubhi of ID Care Talks About How She Got into Travel Medicine

Dr. Ubhi of ID Care Discusses International Travel

What Made You Want to Specialize in Infectious Disease?

Dr. McManus of ID Care shares why he made the decision to specialize in infectious disease.

Why Should You See an Infectious Disease Doctor?

Dr. McManus of ID Care shares when you need to see an infectious disease doctor.

When Should You See an ID Care Doctor for a Wound?

Dr. McManus of ID Care tells exactly when you should see an ID Care doctor for a wound.

How Do You Diagnose Infectious Diseases?

Dr. McManus of ID Care shares how infectious diseases are diagnosed.

How Do Scabs Heal Wounds?

Dr. McManus of ID Care tells exactly whats going on under that scab.