ID Care’s Invisible Role in the Fight Against COVID-19

April 2, 2020
COVID-19, Infectious Disease News

The Pandemic’s Silent Heroes

Like the pandemic curve has been accurately predicting, coronavirus cases are on the rise in New Jersey and across the U.S. But thanks to the tireless efforts of healthcare professionals around the world, we will hopefully see the day when the curve is flattened and COVID-19 is under control. Until then, countless providers, including the infectious disease experts at ID Care, will work on the frontlines and behind the scenes to make that goal a reality. Here, ID Care sheds some light on both the visible fight against COVID-19 and their unseen part in the battle.

The Visible Fight Against COVID-19

Currently, healthcare providers are operating along two different fronts. The first of these is the visible front, and it includes the practitioners who interact with patients and actively treat cases of COVID-19. These heroic individuals are doing everything they can to manage the ever-growing needs of patients, but they’re quickly becoming overwhelmed.

By now, you’ve likely heard reports coming from emergency room physicians, nurses, and other direct care providers from around the country. As they take to the internet to share their experiences, stories about long days, tireless work, and limited personal protective equipment and other essential supplies have become commonplace. And while the pressures of the job can usually be left behind at the end of the day, many healthcare professionals face intense worry about bringing the virus home to their families as well.

These front-line fighters are one of the reasons that social distancing and other preventative COVID-19 measures are so important. They’re also one of the major influences that drive ID Care to work just as hard behind the scenes.

The Ongoing Efforts Behind the Scenes

This is where ID Care comes in. Even now, our leading infectious disease experts are researching COVID-19 and working together to determine the best, most effective way to treat it. To help flatten the curve, we’re putting our collaborative skills as one of the leading epidemiology & antibiotic stewardship performers in the state to the test. While the visible heroes are giving it their all on the front lines, we’re doing the same in the clinic working on the development of the newest antiviral medications.

As we do our part in this fight, the ID Care team is developing treatment plans for our community partners both big and small. To do it, we’re drawing from our vast knowledge about infectious diseases and their treatments to create solutions that will deliver results against an increasing caseload.

On the preventative health front, we’re also designing protocols for our partners to follow that will help keep their employees, their patients, and the public safe. When providers like Dr. Spencer give it their all in the visible fight against COVID-19, our protocols can offer much-needed support in the face of health concerns, occupational fatigue, and much more.

Flatten the Curve with ID Care

When it comes to overcoming COVID-19, everyone’s efforts are important. Whether you’re taking care of patients on the front lines or joining the unseen battle by social distancing and practicing good personal hygiene, you’re a major player in the fight against COVID-19. To learn more about how you can help flatten the curve and keep yourself and your loved ones safe, contact ID Care by calling 908-281-0221 today.