Expert Witness

ID Care Expert Witness Testimony

When medical facts are in dispute by opposing legal teams, selecting a medical expert is one of the most crucial decisions an attorney has to make. The qualifications of a medical expert can determine which facts are accurate and accepted in a case or in a trial — therefore it’s vital to make the right choice when selecting an expert witness.

ID Care physicians are board-certified in infectious diseases and active in clinical practice. We bring years of experience, impressive clinical credentials, and unparalleled credibility to the cases we work on. For over 25 years, our medical opinions have provided support through authoritative analysis, essential affidavits and reporting, as well as compelling testimony. From large corporations to individuals, government agencies, and small businesses, ID Care physicians are committed to providing exceptional witness testimony to anyone we partner with.

With unique specialization in Lyme disease, Clostridium difficile (C. diff.), wound infections, Workman’s compensation, foodborne illnesses, bloodborne pathogen exposure, hospital-acquired infections, as well as adverse outcomes of healthcare, ID Care expert witnesses bring real value that attorneys can rely on — and we’ll continue to work with you as you proceed to settlements or trial.

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