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Infectious Disease Specialists

ID Care offers the latest disease treatment procedures to patients throughout Hillsborough Township, NJ and neighboring areas. Staffed by board-certified physicians with extensive knowledge and experience, we can provide an individualized round of treatment that satisfies the health requirements and restrictions of each patient. We are strongly committed as an organization to our three primary values of care, communication, and collaboration.

Founded in 1996 by the merger of two independent practices, ID Care stands today as the largest disease physicians’ network in the state. Our interconnectivity and communication allow us to effectively treat the full range of infectious diseases. We also conduct clinical research trials to further our methods of diagnosis and treatment. Find out more about the unparalleled level of treatment offered at ID Care by contacting our office in Hillsborough Township, NJ, today.

Services at ID Care include:

  • Effective diagnosis and treatment for a wide range of infectious diseases, including HIV, hepatitis, tick-borne illnesses and others;
  • Specialized infusion therapy for intravenous drugs to avoid or limit hospitalization;
  • Vaccination and other disease care services for patients planning on traveling to an underdeveloped country;
  • Care and treatment to larger wounds that may be susceptible to infection;
  • And more.

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