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View the latest infectious disease videos from New Jersey’s largest network of board-certified infectious disease physicians. ID Care physicians offer videos around the most effective prevention methods, accurate diagnoses, and state-of-the-art treatments.
Infectious Disease 101

Dr. Patel on COVID-19 and the Bivalent Vaccine

Dr. Mathur Talks About Polio

Dr. Mathur on the Resurgence of Polio

Dr. Mathur on an Overview of Monkeypox

Dr. Mathur on Top Five Facts About Monkeypox

Dr. Najah Doka on Blood-Borne Diseases – Part 2

Infectious disease Dr Najah I. Doka discusses blood-borne pathogens and how they spread.

Dr. Ellen Hirsh on COVID – Part 3

Infectious disease expert Dr Ellen Hirsh explains COVID variants.

Dr. Richard Krieger on Summertime Infectious Disease – Part 2

In part 2 of a 3-part series on the top 5 summertime infectious diseases, infectious disease expert Dr Richard Krieger discusses West Nile virus.

Dr. Marsh on Diabetic Foot Infections

Dr. Andrew Lee on HIV PrEP – Part 1

ID Care infectious disease expert talks about pre-exposure prophylaxis and what it means for HIV prevention.