What is ID Care?

What is ID Care?

ID Care is New Jersey’s largest network of board-certified infectious disease specialists. We provide comprehensive and specialized consultation services, alongside personalized care and education for patients with infectious diseases — in both our affiliated hospitals and our 10 convenient practice locations throughout the state. Our level of expertise drives the personalized care we deliver — whether we’re identifying a complicated infection or tailoring proven-effective antibiotics to meet your healthcare needs best. And every day, we continue making strides to improve healthcare institutions both in our communities and in the nation.

ID Care specialists diagnose and treat conditions resulting from all types of infections, including those that are caused by bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. These microscopic organisms present themselves in a variety of ways throughout the human body — and they are notoriously difficult to identify for patients and general internists alike. Our team has a unique understanding of the origin of these infections and the way they present themselves clinically, as well as particular insight into the use of specific medications and their potential for adverse effects. That means we pinpoint treatments to eliminate specific infections — safely, efficiently, and without over-treatment — while simultaneously ensuring our patients can reach full recovery. And you can be confident knowing there is certainty in the diagnosis we provide you. Oftentimes, patients receive treatment for the wrong infection because symptoms mimic that of other conditions. Here, our expertise guides the diagnoses we determine and the treatments we deliver.

We also offer a variety of other services and programs, including travel care, in-office infusion services, infection prevention and control, antibiotic stewardship, and access to the latest treatments and therapies through clinical trials.

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Who is the ID Care Patient?

From pneumonia to tick-borne diseases and wound infections, ID Care specialists provide care to patients facing any infectious disease — both common and complex. Most often, the ID Care patient is an individual who:

  • Has an infection that is difficult for other physicians to diagnose or identify
  • Has a condition that is particularly resistant to treatment
  • Has an infection with a prolonged fever
  • Needs pre-international travel evaluations or has an illness after traveling abroad

With a focus on the most effective prevention methods, accurate diagnoses, and state-of-the-art treatment options, we ensure every one of our patients receives the highest level of care there is.

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When should you contact ID Care?

Not all infectious diseases require you to see an ID specialist. Many times, common infections can be treated by your primary care physician. However, you may be referred to an ID Care specialist if your physician is unable to identify the cause of your infection and provide an accurate diagnosis, if you have a high fever, or if your condition doesn’t respond to treatment. Our specialized training and diagnostic tools will help determine the cause and type of infection you may have, as well as the most effective approach to treatment for you.

ID Care specialists also see healthy people who plan to travel to foreign countries or locations where infection risk is higher. In these cases, ID specialists can help determine whether special immunizations or other preventive measures are necessary to help protect you while you travel abroad.

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General Inquiries

Our dedicated team will respond to all inquiries within 24 hours.