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Infectious Disease Specialists

ID Care is the leading network of infectious disease treatment in New Jersey. With a practice in Oakhurst as well as several more throughout the state, we pride ourselves on personalizing each patient’s experience to effectively diagnose, treat, and prevent a vast range of infectious diseases. From the viral to the parasitic, our board-certified physicians are sure to overcome the complications of even the most difficult-to-treat diseases.

Our collaborations with New Jersey’s many hospitals help us to forward the cause of improved infection treatments. Our methods get results, ensuring patients can improve with the minimal amount of medication or hospitalization necessary. Discover for yourself why ID Care’s approach to infectious disease treatment has earned us several prestigious recognitions. If you or a loved one are suffering from some form of infection, contact ID Care of Oakhurst, NJ, today.

At ID Care of Oakhurst, NJ, we provide:

  • Expert Witness Testimony in legal battles where medical facts are in contention;
  • Care and treatment of specific infectious diseases, including hepatitis, urinary tract infections, sexually transmitted diseases, and other infections;
  • Care and treatment for infections of non-healing or deep wounds;
  • Consultation and vaccination in anticipation of and response to diseases caught while traveling abroad;
  • And more.

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