Infectious Disease Doctors In Oakhurst, NJ

Infectious Disease Doctors In Oakhurst, NJ

ID Care of Oakhurst, NJ, provides advanced diagnostic, treatment, and prevention services for all infectious diseases. Our team of leading board-certified specialists have extensive experience in identifying and treating viral, bacterial, fungal, and parasitic infections that are often difficult to detect and address. Additionally, ID Care has the expertise to care for patients with complex health conditions as infectious diseases can affect all parts of the human body. Our personalized approach to care enables us to develop a care plan that is unique to each person, ensuring the best treatment protocols and health outcome.

Founded in 1996 through the merger of two independent practices, ID Care has grown to become the largest network of leading infectious disease physicians in the state and on the East Coast. ID Care partners with many of New Jersey’s leading healthcare institutions to provide clinical care and improve infection control protocols. ID Care doctors are recognized nationally for advancing research and trials that identify new ways of preventing and treating complex infectious diseases. Discover for yourself how we can help improve your health by contacting ID Care of Oakhurst, NJ, today.

ID Care of Oakhurst offers comprehensive Infectious Disease Care for:

Our infectious disease doctors also provide the following specialized services:

In addition to being leaders in Infection Control, Antibiotic Stewardship and Innovative Research and Clinical Trials, ID Care cares for patients at many leading NJ hospitals, long-term care facilities, nursing homes, and rehabilitation centers.

See the full list of infectious diseases the ID Care of Oakhurst doctors can diagnose and treat on our A-Z Page.

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