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Infectious Disease Specialists

ID Care is the premier network of infectious disease specialists in Princeton and throughout New Jersey. Founded following the merger of two independent practices and backed by the collaborative experience of over forty board-certified physicians, we have established ourselves as leaders on the cutting edge of all aspects of infectious disease diagnosis, treatment and prevention. Through careful personalization of treatment as well as ongoing clinical research trials, we strive to ensure our patients’ wellbeing and safety as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Our full list of infections we treat runs the gamut from the fungal and bacterial to the viral and parasitic. Whether you are suffering from an infection of a replaced joint or a tick-borne disease, we will work closely with you to determine the best course of treatment personalized for your health requirements. We also conduct several specialized programs for more circumstance-based cases, such as infected wounds or travel care. Discover for yourself the quality of treatment waiting for you by making an appointment at ID Care of Princeton, NJ.

Some of the infectious disease services at ID Care of Princeton, NJ include:

  • Wound Care for infected or slow-to-heal wounds;
  • Consultation and vaccination for patients intending to or returning from traveling internationally;
  • Expert Witness Testimony in cases requiring established expertise in infectious diseases;
  • Advanced infusion suites for the administration of IV treatments and hospitalization avoidance;
  • And more.

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