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Infectious Disease Specialists

At ID Care of Cedar Knolls, NJ, the state’s leaders in infectious disease treatment come together to perfect methods of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention. The second-largest practice in the field, we aim to communicate and connect with patients and specialists alike to better ensure the right treatment is applied to each instance. We specialize in nearly every form of infectious disease, producing actionable results from research and treatment that further improves our understanding as well as patient wellbeing.

From our inception in 1996, ID Care has continued to distinguish itself as a leading organization in the field of infectious disease treatment. Our network of disease professionals includes researchers, physicians and other specialists fully versed in infusion care, infected wound care, research and other related services. From artificial joint infections to Zika virus and everything in between, we continue to research the most effective methods of diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of infectious diseases. Get in touch with ID Care’s Cedar Knolls, NJ office today.

Our infectious disease care services include:

  • Infusion therapies for outpatient improvement to ensure decreased hospital stay duration;
  • Our Travel Care program, which includes vaccinations and consultations before and following international travel;
  • Our Wound Care program for the treatment of infected, slow-to-heal wounds;
  • Clinical research trials for the development and perfection of infectious disease medications and treatment options;
  • Expert Witness Testimony for legal proceedings where professional medical input is needed;
  • And more.

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