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From our office in Wayne as well as our various locations throughout New Jersey, ID Care stands as one of the most significant organizations for infectious disease treatment in the state, as well as the US. Our network includes several influential healthcare organizations as well as over forty experienced, fully certified physicians and specialists. Our methods represent the cutting edge of diagnosis, treatment, and prevention for nearly every aspect of infectious diseases, from the bacterial to the viral and everything in between.

ID Care was created in 1996 following the merger of two independent infectious disease practices. Since then, we have expanded into a leading organization at the forefront of infectious disease treatment. From our general care services to our specialized programs, every aspect of our operations has been carefully designed to ensure patient wellbeing as well as their fullest recovery. Learn more about the quality of care provided by ID Care by contacting our office in Wayne, NJ, today.

Some of the services offered at ID Care include:

  • Infectious disease care for a wide range of infectious diseases of varying complication and rarity;
  • Our Travel Care program, for patients planning to travel abroad who may be at risk of certain communicable diseases;
  • Our Wound Care program for the treatment of uncommonly slow-to-heal wounds that may be at risk of infection;
  • Expert witness testimony in cases that require input from qualified infectious disease specialists;
  • And more.

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